Posted by: zero-project | 2008/11/26

Hello world!

Hello, this is “zero-project” and my real name is “Nikos”. I was born in Greece in 1972. Music is one of the most important parts of my life.

I started publishing my compositions in the end of 2007 on my site, as well as on music communities, like Jamendo.

Although I am working on several styles of music, my main style is the soundtrack one.

My influences are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, George Frederic Handel, Hans Zimmer, Astral projection, Enigma, Amethystium, Craig Armstrong, Dark sanctuary, Sarah Brightman, Lesiem, Within temptation, Epica, Diary of dreams, Vangelis…

You are always welcome! Keep flying!..


Keep flying!..


Hi Zero-Project, I just wanted to stop by and show my appreciation to the wonderful, beautiful, outstanding,atmospheric, soundscape music you bring to us all, who take the time, to listen and saviour your awesome talent and amazing music you deliver and give to the world. bless you for sharing your talent and music. God Bless

Danke für Deine Mitwirkung am Soundtrack zum Film “Kriegsversprechen” von!

Thank you for your soundtrack concerning the movie “Kriegsversprechen” from

Vangelis war gut!Ihr seid viel besser!!! mit freundlichen Grüßen macdotter

Excelente artista y creativo…..


hey,you are my friend?macdotter

Hi zero-project !
Your music rocks !
Until the end of my sox !
Thank you for bringing to us all,
The colour of music;
The true love of music;
I hereby say thank you,
To you: Zero-project !!!

And always remember : Keep Flying ! ! ! =D

Hola zero-proyect. Hoy he escuchado tu “Nocturne”.
Me parece un álbum bastante romántico. Sobre todo, me gusta la primera canción, y cómo va creciendo. En cuanto a lo que comentas de etiquetar como clásica o no, simplemente es una forma de ubicar la música. Porque, si hablamos de clásica propiamente dicho, tampoco está bien dicho, ya que la clásica engloba varios estilos como el Romántico, el Barroco, etc. Un saludo.

Bellisima música, es un placer escucharles.
Miles de gracias por tener esta oportunidad.

Your music is great! Thanx!

hi project zero, i love your music, keep up the good work.

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hi Nikos thanks so much for your music, delighted to see there was another Fairytale album and have downloaded to enjoy tomorrow and always :) – Rosemary x

Beautiful, I’m writing a children’s book about fairies.. wow this music fits the book.Love it.

Dude you are great man!
I saw your name (Project Zero) on one of the NASA Space video!

Hi, I am indie iPhone developer, and I would like to add a song, “e-song” like main background music. It’s royaltie free? Should I credit you in credits section of my game?


Hello zero-project !

I’m a big fan of your awesome composition since the day I found the Nocturne album while searching with the Celtic tag.

Talking about Nocturne, where has it gone ? I don’t see it anymore. :(

Your music is sensational. Is breathtaking. Each additional note is more important than the last. This is a great modern classic music!


Great music thaks!

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